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Archer Fresh Co., Ltd. is a professional and fast developing trading company and with an excellent reputation in fresh fruits business

Archer Fresh has been established since 2011. We focus on fresh fruits importing and exporting from all over the world, mainly Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Peru, New Zealand, etc,. Our head office is located in Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruits market. We have online and offline distributions. Since 2013, we started to strengthen the exporting business and successfully developed Southeast Asia market and have exported Grapes, Citrus to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine form China and other countries.

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Why Choose Archer Fresh?

Professional Team :

We have professional team members with more than 10 years experience in fresh fruits business, with professional purchasing, QC inspection for imported and domestic fruits.

Fine Selection of Global Partners :

With selected and qualified growers, we choose only one or two partners in each region, which can maintain long-term, strategic cooperation relationship.

Domestic & International Distributions :

We have domestic and international distributions. We have our own sales in main regional cities, i.e. Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiaxing.  We also export Chinese fruits and re-export various fresh fruits from all over the world to South East Asia market.

Customizing for Global Partners :

Once start cooperation with global partners, we do our best to work together and take responsibility to promote all the grades of fruits, not only the premium, but also class 1 and class 2 to different markets of the world.

5. Maximizing Profit of Partner :

We believe in win-win cooperation. When necessary, we would finance our partners in advance of the season and to be the sales agent in China. After sales, we would maximize profit and return back to our partners .


Selection of fresh fruit

Archer Fresh, fresh your life

Guangzhou Archer Fresh Co.,Ltd

Room 1517, Building 1, Xinyuan Cereals and Oil Non-food Comprehensive Wholesale Market, Zengcha Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong,China

Import and Export team

Tel: 86-20-81769316

Email: info@archerfresh.net

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